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dr stern"As one of the acknowledged top cosmetic surgeons in my field, worldwide, I find myself in excellent company with TriAxial Medical, and the its company’s President, Geoffrey Cook.  Not only do they watch my back but they also give me leading marketing direction in my overall program. I’m a true believer in what they do for me, and have been so for over five years.  Having done business with the other, so-called web leaders in the past, I have truly found that Geoffrey Cook & the TMI team are ‘miles ahead of everyone else!’  I rely on them for everything & they have never let me down.”                        

Bernard H. Stern, M.D., Medical Director of Total Wellness Opportunities, L.C.; Miami / Ft Lauderdale & Jupiter / W. Palm Beach Florida & Alexandria Virginia (D.C.); September 2011.


TMI an industry-recognized, respected source for medical professionals seeking expert web site development and marketing including: administration of clinical studies, medical writing/copy development from medically-trained/degreed resident staff, web site design, rich media content development (video & animation), web site marketing & development of affinity marketing programs, and web site Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

TMI specializes in helping cosmetic surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, dermatologists, and other surgeons acquire patients by using effectively designed web sites that offer an array of video tools, animation, Search Engine placement, media/public relations programs, and affinity marketing programs. TMI prides itself on achieving results for physicians and practices and is the only company in our field who does not require long contracts—instead basing our relationships on performance—thus eliminating the need for surgeons to contract for more than 90 days, something extremely rare in our industry. We use third-party activity auditing/monitoring of client web sites to determine the number of visitors, the pages these visitors view, how long they stay, and their web site actions. This gives physicians a clear picture of the performance we offer them, monthly, and the benefits of our web marketing, hence enabling them to track the results of their web site expenditures while gaining more patients.



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