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Medical Internet Marketing for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons

IDC estimates that 84% of web surfers use a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Every second over 20 new web pages are added to the web—that's over 1,200 competing pages every minute (NEC Research Institute).

According to Jupiter Media Metrix & NPD (March 2001), users looking for products are far more likely to type the product name into a search engine's search box (28%) than browse shopping 'channels' (5%) or click on ads (4%).

Based on the findings by Nielsen/NetRatings (May 2001), nine out of 10 Web users visit a search engine, portal or community site each month. They also revisit frequently, nearly five times per month.

Forrester Research Media Field Study has stated that getting a loyal audience in the first place is best done by search engine placement.

All these reveal how useful search engines can be for directing traffic to a company's Web site. "And if you are not considering search engine marketing (SEM) in your marketing mix, it is as if you are ignoring a major medium such as TV, radio or newspapers in the offline world," said Danny Sullivan, editor of

Case Study - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International, Then and Now.

"As one of the acknowledged top cosmetic surgeons in my field, worldwide, I find myself in excellent company with TriAxial Medical, and the its company’s President, Geoffrey Cook.  Not only do they watch my back but they also give me leading marketing direction in my overall program. I’m a true believer in what they do for me, and have been so for over five years.  Having done business with the other, so-called web leaders in the past, I have truly found that Geoffrey Cook & the TMI team are ‘miles ahead of everyone else!’  I rely on them for everything & they have never let me down.”

Bernard H. Stern, M.D., Medical Director of Total Wellness Opportunities, L.C.; Miami / Ft Lauderdale & Jupiter / W. Palm Beach Florida & Alexandria Virginia (D.C.); September 2011.

"TriAxial Medical is the industry leader in my medical field.  Yes, there are other companies out there, and I've used a few of them in the past, but TMI keeps me on top in my patient acquisition, is a financial supporter of the medical industry and has helped with Clinical Study Grants in the surgical work I perform.  Not to mention that they are extremely accommodating, easy to work with, and, well, simply good people.  You can't go wrong with using them."

Michael Goodman, MD, Medical Director, Caring For Women Wellness Center; Davis, CA; August 2011.

"TriAxial has been a sound performer and has helped me with market direction and given me insight and help in other facets of my practice.  Over the last four years (and counting), they've continually provided solid patient acquisition, marketing direction in tough economic times, and value.  You can't go wrong with using their services and I highly recommend them."

Ryan Stanton, MD; President and Medical Director of the Modern Institute of Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills, CA; September 2011.

“TMI is simply the most efficient, best overall medical company that I’ve ever encountered. My 16-year relationship speaks for itself. They achieve more results, and do a myriad of things that most other web companies can’t even dream of doing.”

Stephen X. Giunta, M.D., FICS, Medical Director and President of Aesthetic Plastic International; Alexandria, VA; August 15, 2011.




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